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We have replaced our previous Adventure Club Passport program with an all new digital Rewards Program that will provide everyone with a lot more value. In addition, this program will apply to all entertainment services All In Adventures has to offer including Escape Rooms, Game Show Room and more that will be introduced in the near future. This is in partnership with an industry leading rewards program company named Fivestars. They have an app you can download on your phone where you can track and manage all your rewards. The new program has two levels of rewards including a Standard Level and a VIP Level. The two different levels are as follows:


$10 to join
$5 off first visit
25% off Mon – Thu
Earn points for all experiences*
Free experience on birthday
Monthly surprise offers
Earn winner bonus points**


*Earn points as follows:

  • 10 Points for Beat the Seat
  • 15 Points for Virtual Reality
  • 50 Points for Escape Room
  • 75 Points for Game Show Room

**Winner bonus points allow you to earn extra points when you achieve the following:

  • 5 bonus points for Beating the Seat
  • 25 bonus points for Escaping a Room
  • 35 bonus points for being a winner of the Game Show Room
  • 100 bonus points for beating the quarterly Escape Room Local Wall of Fame record
  • 150 bonus points for beating the quarterly Escape Room Global Wall of Fame record


Once you have accumulated your points you can redeem them for following reward options:

  • 50 points – $5 off 1 Escape Room admission or 1 Game Show Room admission
  • 50 points – 1 Free Beat the Seat admission
  • 75 points – 1 Free Virtual Reality admission
  • 100 points – 50% off 1 Escape Room admission
  • 125 points – 50% off 1 Game Show Room admission
  • 150 points – 1 Free Escape Room admission
  • 200 points – 1 Free Game Show Room admission
  • 250 points – 2 Free Escape Room admissions
  • 350 points – 2 Free Game Show Room admissions
  • 400 points – 4 Free Escape Room admissions
  • 1000 points – 8 Free Game Show Room admissions

This is just the beginning as we will have many new services and rewards to offer in the coming months!

The Rewards Program remains the property of All In Adventures.  All In Adventures reserves the right at all times and in its absolute discretion and without notice to either amend these terms or with reasonable notice to terminate, withdraw or cancel the program.


Does the program cost anything?

The VIP program costs $10 to join.

Can I join online?

Yes you can. Just follow the online instructions and please remember to save your confirmation email and bring it to the store.

How old do you have to be to join?

There is no age limit to join.

What if I already purchased an Adventure Club Passport?

You can bring your physical passport into the store and exchange it to be added into the new program as a VIP member for NO additional cost.

What happens to the stamps I have already collected?

For all stamps that have not been used to redeem the free visit we will convert them at a rate of 50 points per stamp.

Will I continue to receive $5 off every visit?

The new program does not include this benefit going forward. However, the new program allows you to accumulate points at a much faster rate which you can use to redeem free admissions much quicker.

Can I redeem points online?

You will have to redeem all points physically in the store.

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